Friday, January 14, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11, 2: Through Balls

Through Balls:
Through balls and making them effective is a skill that takes time and practice to master. However to save  some time, this is the way I do through balls to maximize my scoring opportunities.

First learn how to use the LB pass. When passing near defenders, use LB pass to send one guy on a run past the defender. This is effective against other people online because it draws them out and your computer will run past them for an easy through ball. Holding LB Y for a lobbed through ball is hardly blocked or intercepted. Of course when using a lobbed through ball, hold Y depending on how far the pass needs to go. Knowing how long to hold Y takes practice and luck. 

To score tons of goals against human and computer players, pass the ball up to one of the forwards. Then once the forward has a defender close to him, quickly pass the ball back while holding LB to send him on a run. Once the person you originally passed to gets the ball, immediately LB Y the ball back to him to get a nice breakaway. Once on the breakaway you can use tips on finishing.

  • Use a through ball only when the person you are passing to has his back to you and begins to sprint past the defender
  • The easiest way to get breakaways is to use LB pass back to send your guy on the run and then immediately hit LB Y to send a lobbed through ball
  • Hold Y for longer through balls depending where the person is in relation to the passer
  • Ground through balls are most effective when not using the LB pass and instead just hitting a runner normally
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