Monday, January 24, 2011

Fifa 11 Defense Guide

Everyone knows that a good defense is a good offence; however, being able to keep the opposition from scoring more than one goal a game definitely helps to win games. Mastering defensive strategies can be a big improvement to ones performance in a game. This will be a basic introduction to defensive controls and tactics. There will be a second guide to outline more advanced strategies once these have been mastered.

Introduction to FIFA 11 Defense:
Fifa 11 has taken the game and made it even more realistic than the games before it. There are more ways then ever before for your opponent to fake out your defense and outwit your abilities. Luckily there are lots of ways to improve your defending skills and strategies.

I will go over the following in this defense orientated article:

  • FIFA 11 Defensive Controls
  • FIFA 11 Defensive Tutorials
  • FIFA 11 Defensive Strategies, Tactics, and Tips
FIFA 11 Defensive Controls:
Before diving into the complex and mind aching strategies of defending, here are the basic controls:

Jockeying is when you drop back your defender to give other defensive teammates time to recover. Thus preventing counter attacks, assisting in blocking crosses or beakaways.
  • Xbox 360- Hold LT
  • PS3- Hold L2 
Jockey Press:
Jockeying allows players to more easily tackle the ball from opponents. If you miss however your opponent will have an opening to go to the goal.
  • Xbox 360- Hold LT + A
  • PS3- Hold L2 + X
Face Up:
Facing the ball increases the chance of a successful tackle while not facing up decreases it. Facing up is helpful when preventing a rush of offense.
  • Xbox 360- Press LT
  • PS3- Press L2
Slide Tackling:
Far too popular of a tackle in my opinion because it usually results in a yellow or red card. The slide can be effective however when side by side with an opponent or rushing an opponent head on.
  • Xbox 360- Press X
  • PS3- Press Square 
Call a Second Defender:
When you want to press the ball and one defender is not getting the job done, then calling a second defender can help. This works well along sidelines and the goal line. This can also bring large gaps which leaves extra men open for the opponent. 
  • Xbox 360- Hold B
  • PS3- Hold O
Defensive Header:
When facing a cross on defense, winning the header and clearing the ball out is essential. The defender should head the ball out as far as possible to eliminate any threat at goal. 
  • Xbox 360- Hold X or B while the ball is in the air
  • PS3- Hold O or Square while the ball is in the air
Defensive Clear:
When in serious trouble, just kick it out!
  • Xbox 360- Hold B or X
  • PS3- Hold O or Square
Thats a list of the most basic defense controls for FIFA 11. Each of the controls is for a specific situation, which when used should reduce goals against. The next part of more complex and general defensive strategies to come! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!

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