Monday, January 17, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11, 3.3: Finishing From Corners

There are a couple of different kinds of players out there; some players like to pass the ball to the middle and take a shot from the top of the box. Some players like to run the ball down the wing and send in a cross for a header. Crossing is by far more effective in Fifa 11 than in previous games due to improved control over heading the ball. Finishing off of headers is quite simple once you get the hang of it, the key is luck and position.

To maximize the potential of a header involves being in a position to get the header. Once the ball has been crossed, immediately move the player  toward where the ball is coming from. Make sure that when the ball is in the air, you see where the player is and move himin front of the defender. Once in front of the defender just tap B toward one of the corners of the goal. All crosses are the same so this strategy will work whether the cross is coming from a corner or a man on the wing. The most important thing to remember is to move your player in front of the defender before the ball gets to him.

  • All crosses are the same: once you master the header it works in every situation
  • Move your player toward the ball before you can see him, and the make sure he is in front of the man he is covering
  • Once in front, tap B lightly and aim for a corner
  • Practice and you will be a header master
For more finishing help, see my next post on general shooting:

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