Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11, 3.2: Finishing While Covered

Breakaways are great but they only happen a couple of times a game so learning how to score other ways is a necessity. Scoring while contested near and around the box is similar to scoring on a breakaway because I find the same kind of shots work for most situations.

To score while not on a breakaway try passing the ball to one of the strikers sitting at the top of the box from the wing. Upon receiving the ball, quickly turn toward  the inside or outside past the defender and then shoot a power shot toward the near post of the goal with the meter about one third. The quick turns are the most important part of that play because once you get space, you can have a small breakaway in which case all of the tips on scoring on breakaways comes into effect.

Finessing the ball to a corner is another way to score that is just as effective as the power shot once you get past the defender. I cannot emphasize the need for space enough; shooting randomly from the top of the box will get blocked 90% of the time. Passing to a striker with a defender on him and then quickly turning and sprinting toward the goal is the best way to score besides breakaways.

If I am getting completely dominated and cannot seem to get the ball to the top of the box, then I usually try to get a quick goal from long range. Swerving from side to side once entering the offensive third of the pitch is a great way to get room to shoot. Once there is room,  sprint toward the far post and power up a shot to about half way again while aiming in the same direction. With a great player like Rooney or Ronaldo, this can be a very effective way to score clutch goals. If scoring at the top of the box is not your thing, then my next section on scoring with headers will be...

  • Scoring while having defenders on you requires a pass to the middle at the top of the box and a quick turn to the goal
  • Once turned a powerful finesse or power shot toward the near post will go in with good players
  • GET SPACE from quick turns to the goal from a standstill at the top of the box
  • Once you have space, scoring goals becomes exponentially easier
  • Long shots can be made with space from swerving with a player and taking a half power shot from the center of the offensive third
To see the next section of finishing on heading click the link below

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