Friday, January 28, 2011

Fifa 11 Penalty Kick Guide

Penalty kicks are gifts that should be capitalized upon every time. In FIFA 11, penalty kicks have become significantly harder to score on. This will be a guide on how to score on penalty kicks every time. Keeping the ball on target and far enough from the goalie is more difficult than previous FIFA games and can cause massive amounts of frustration.

Penalties are all about ball placement and accuracy. The accuracy of your shot depends on how long the left analog stick is held while charging up the shot. To make sure my shot is always on target, I hold left stick toward one corner while I am charging up the shot. Once the shot has been charged up, I let go of the left stick and then right before he makes contact with the ball, I move the left stick again in the same direction as before and hold it. This works every time. Make sure you charge up the shot while in the green otherwise your player will likely trip on the shot.

Shot power:
The amount of power on the penalty kick depends on which type of shot is being used. For power shots I usually hold the shoot button down until the meter is 3/4 or more full. This is ESSENTIAL because the more the meter is filled, the farther away the shot will go from the goalie and the more it will head toward the corner. Using a Finesse shot takes less shot power because it is primarily focused on accuracy. Filling up the meter less than 1/2 way works well. Chip shots usually require just lightly tapping the shoot button.

There are three basic ways to taking a penalty kick: the power shot, finesse shot and chip shot.

Power shot- press B
Finesse shot- Hold RB and press B
Chip shot- Hold LB and press B

Following this guide to penalty kicks will guarantee successful penalty shots every time.If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fifa 11 Advanced Defensive Tactics Guide

Darren Cross at the FIFA Community and EA Community websites wrote a fantastic article for playing defense which I have paraphrased and shortened here for easy reading. These I find to be extremely helpful so hopefully you will feel the same way.

1 Leave the Pass Button Alone:
One of the problems I have playing defense is always hitting the pass button when defending corners and inside the box. I love the pretty and easy plays for getting the ball out of dangerous situations. I always try to head the ball to a teammate to start a counter offensive rush. Giving the ball right to an opponent and conceding a goal has occurred too many times because of this habit.

To avoid this situation, instead of holding the pass button, switch to the shoot button while fighting for a header. Instead of attempting to make a pass in dangerous areas, you now can clear the ball away from attackers. This gives me valuable time to regroup and reorganize my defense. It is not pretty but it works and helps in tight situations.

2 Always Face the Play:
Jockeying is one of the most useful tools for defending in FIFA. Jockeying keeps your players facing the attacker making him constantly facing the play. This increases the chances of a successful standing tackle and prevents having to guess which way the opponent is going while sprinting backwards.

Jockeying is so easy to use that not many people take advantage of it. Just hold LT or L2 will keep the players facing the ball until you release the button. If the opponent is running then hold the right trigger to maintain a running jockey. Just wait for the right moment and strike with a standing tackle to get the ball back.

3 Look Around:
After a goal kick, DO NOT JUST PRESS THE PASS BUTTON. Look around and find an open man to pass to instead of just giving the opponent a goal. This happens all the time online and it can be easily avoided.

The next time you have a goal kick, resist just hitting the pass button. Look where your players are on the radar and make a good pass. If you want the short pass then pass it out wide and not dead center to an opposing player. Most of the time you will find a player with lots of space who can begin a good offense.

4 If in Doubt, Kick it Out:
I do not know if you have ever played soccer in real life, but the same principles that are seen on TV are applicable in FIFA 11.

Now the common phrase "If in doubt, kick it out" is true and is a perfect strategy in many situations. When you are facing the goal with the ball and do not know what to do, just kick it out. If you are really in trouble, just kick it out as far as possible if you do not know if you should pass it. Kicking it out is not pretty but it is effective.

Do not just hit the shoot button when defending a cross because you might just put it in your own net. Play it up the field when you can but do not be afraid to kick it out. The further you get the ball away, the more time you have to regroup for better defense.

5 Do Not be Afraid to Drop Deeper:
In addition to kicking the ball out, in real life emphasis is placed on conceding space to defend against pace. Speed is one of the hardest attributes to defend against in real football. When a player is faster than his opponent than he will most likely fly by that defender unless you can tackle them. Lobbed through balls are deadly when defending against fast players.

It is not impossible, however, to defend against pace and there are a number of ways to reduce the abilities of those fast players. One of the most risky strategies is to use the offsides trap to catch the running players offsides. Double tap on the D pad right before the opponent passes the ball and the defenders will move forward placing the opponent receiving the ball offsides. I do not recommend doing that however because if you are just off by a mili-second then you just gave up a breakaway.

A much more preferred and safer tactic that is actually used by real life managers is to drop back one defender back more than the others. This takes time to set up but can be very helpful to prevent goals. Open up Custom Tactics and edit a defenders bas position so that he sits back farther than everyone else. How far back depends on preference and trial and error. The goal is to give that defender the ability to sweep in and intercept balls over the top and through balls but not to allow strikers to pick up the ball with space. The last defender can also angle the striker to a bad shooting position.

Once the position is mastered, then use the other defender to press the ball carrier to give the striker as little room as possible.

6 Secondary Press:
Pressing is common among FIFA players but it is overused. Pressing all over the pitch works against weak opponents but is terrible against players who can move the ball quickly and efficiently. Over pressing creates huge gaps in the defense and gives the opposition large open areas to work in.

Secondary pressing is not as common but can be more effective when used in the correct situations and with other defensive strategies. Holding the shoot button while the other team has the ball begins the Secondary Press which will move one of your AI-controlled teammates to press the ball while leaving you in control of a second defender. This allows you to keep pressure up and organize a more solid defensive position with the player you are controlling ready to clean up.

7 Manually Select Defenders:
A different tactic that can have immediate effects is manually selecting your defenders instead of waiting until the AI does it for you. Some players like to have an automatic player switch for high balls and such but once you get used to it, manually switching is far more efficient and effective whether its on the offense or defense.

By pressing LB or L1, you can switch to your defenders and move them in more strategic locations. This tactic is effective with Secondary Press while having one player defend the area where the ball is going. Switching to different defenders allows you to quickly rush at the ball for a quick tackle to regain position.
Anticipating which way a player will move helps exponentially against online opponents especially. Knowing when they turn and which way they pass the ball can help increase the number of interceptions you create.

8 Think Like a Striker:
As I just said, always try to predict your opponents move. When the opposition has the ball, think what would you do in their situation. Nine times out of ten you can guess where they are going to pass or which way they are going to turn. Mastering and successfully predicting where your opponent is going can give you easy goals during online games.

Use these techniques and your defense is sure to improve tremendously. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fifa 11 Defense Guide

Everyone knows that a good defense is a good offence; however, being able to keep the opposition from scoring more than one goal a game definitely helps to win games. Mastering defensive strategies can be a big improvement to ones performance in a game. This will be a basic introduction to defensive controls and tactics. There will be a second guide to outline more advanced strategies once these have been mastered.

Introduction to FIFA 11 Defense:
Fifa 11 has taken the game and made it even more realistic than the games before it. There are more ways then ever before for your opponent to fake out your defense and outwit your abilities. Luckily there are lots of ways to improve your defending skills and strategies.

I will go over the following in this defense orientated article:

  • FIFA 11 Defensive Controls
  • FIFA 11 Defensive Tutorials
  • FIFA 11 Defensive Strategies, Tactics, and Tips
FIFA 11 Defensive Controls:
Before diving into the complex and mind aching strategies of defending, here are the basic controls:

Jockeying is when you drop back your defender to give other defensive teammates time to recover. Thus preventing counter attacks, assisting in blocking crosses or beakaways.
  • Xbox 360- Hold LT
  • PS3- Hold L2 
Jockey Press:
Jockeying allows players to more easily tackle the ball from opponents. If you miss however your opponent will have an opening to go to the goal.
  • Xbox 360- Hold LT + A
  • PS3- Hold L2 + X
Face Up:
Facing the ball increases the chance of a successful tackle while not facing up decreases it. Facing up is helpful when preventing a rush of offense.
  • Xbox 360- Press LT
  • PS3- Press L2
Slide Tackling:
Far too popular of a tackle in my opinion because it usually results in a yellow or red card. The slide can be effective however when side by side with an opponent or rushing an opponent head on.
  • Xbox 360- Press X
  • PS3- Press Square 
Call a Second Defender:
When you want to press the ball and one defender is not getting the job done, then calling a second defender can help. This works well along sidelines and the goal line. This can also bring large gaps which leaves extra men open for the opponent. 
  • Xbox 360- Hold B
  • PS3- Hold O
Defensive Header:
When facing a cross on defense, winning the header and clearing the ball out is essential. The defender should head the ball out as far as possible to eliminate any threat at goal. 
  • Xbox 360- Hold X or B while the ball is in the air
  • PS3- Hold O or Square while the ball is in the air
Defensive Clear:
When in serious trouble, just kick it out!
  • Xbox 360- Hold B or X
  • PS3- Hold O or Square
Thats a list of the most basic defense controls for FIFA 11. Each of the controls is for a specific situation, which when used should reduce goals against. The next part of more complex and general defensive strategies to come! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fifa 11 General Long Shot and Shot Aim Guide

Now that  the basics of shooting in FIFA 11 have been covered, here is how to make sure the shots hit the corner every time. Manually aim the shots by the direction of the left controller stick. Here is a general outline:
  • Moving the stick to the left moves the ball left and adds left spin
  • Moving the stick to the right moves the ball right and adds right spin
  • Moving the stick up moves the ball up
  • Moving the stick down sends the ball on the ground
Despite these basic controls, the camera angle or view can directly effect the shot aim. For example, in Pro camera, moving the stick to the left moves the ball left. In Tele camera mode, moving the stick left actually adds backspin to the shot. Be sure to practice and understand how the angles affect the aiming of your shot in your camera angle.

Xbox 360
Shot controls- Aim the left stick while pressing B to add placement and spin
Shot controls- Aim the left stick while pressing O to add placement and spin

Long Shot Guide:
Long shots are not easy to master but can make fantastic highlight reels. Holding the left stick to aim while powering up the shot is essential to have accuracy. Holding the left stick down adds topspin to keep the ball from flying over the goal. 

When trying for a long shot, press and hold the shot button first or the player will turn in the direction of the left stick. Hold down the left control stick to keep the ball from overshooting the goal.

Xbox 360
Long shot- Press and hold B while aiming with the left stick
Long shot- Press and hold B while aiming with the left stick

Long Shot Situations:
Long shots are amazing when they work, but you need to know the best times to use them. The following situations are when I use them the most:
  • When a high rated player has room above the box and has a lane to shoot in; run in the direction of the far post and charge up the shot meter to about half way
  • When I am frustrated and need a good shot on goal
Best Ways to Stay on Target:
To further the success of shots follow these tips:
  • Do not shoot from more than 25 yards away, keeping it close greatly improves accuracy
  • Sacrifice power for finesse, accuracy is often more important than power- FINESSE!
  • Do not blast the shot over the net by charging it up more than half way
  • Play with good players and high rated teams 
  • Practice!
Practice shooting all the time and eventually the techniques to scoring consistently.will come easily. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fifa 11 General Shooting Guide

New and old players have difficulty finishing and shooting in tough situations in all of the FIFA games. There are so many different kind of shots that it can be confusing to players how best to score. Hopefully this will help you get those last minute goals that win matches.

The days of being able to shoot with the same accuracy and power off balance and facing the wrong direction as straight forward shots are gone. FIFA 11 uses the players speed, rating, and shot-meter to determine where and how fast the shot will go. Sprinting and lateral movement will greatly decrease accuracy  and power. Moving your players more slowly and understanding the distance you are shooting from will help your scoring. Sprinting all the way down the field and then stopping the sprint until the ball is on your foot and then shooting is a great way to improve your chances of scoring. There are 3 basic shot approaches which I will outline and assess when best to use them.

Finesse Shot Guide:
The finesse shot is my favorite shot because it is more accurate than a normal shot which means its great for in close opportunities. In and just outside of the box are the best places to use a finesse shot once you get space. The finesse shot is taken from the side of the boot as opposed to a normal power shot that is taken from the laces. The shot allows the player to increase the placement, control, and accuracy of the shot with much less power and speed.

Xbox 360
A finesse shot- Hold RB and press B with varying amount of pressure
A finesse shot- Hold R1 and press O with varying amount of pressure

Finesse Shot Situations:
These I have found to be the most useful times to use a finesse shot to score. Using this shot in these situations  are almost instant goals 100% of the time.

  • When a high rated player is dribbling (Not Sprinting!) across the top center of the box or near the top of the box parallel to the goal line- turn slightly and shoot a finesse shot toward far post with half power
  • On a breakaway stop sprinting once nearing the top or just inside the box- finesse toward a corner as soon as the goalie starts his charge
  • Running at an angle toward the goal- finesse a shot toward the far post once the player has stopped sprinting and is just inside the box
Chip Shot Guide:
I find the chip shot to be the hardest shot to master especially after how easy it was back in FIFA 10. In FIFA 11, the chip shot is significantly more difficult but can be very effective on breakaways and situations when the goalie comes out. Instead of the ball flying straight toward the net, the ball jumps high in the air to go over the goalie into the goal. As with other shots, sprinting when attempting a chip makes scoring much more difficult so I suggest slowing down first. Once not sprinting, chip with no more than 3/4 power because otherwise it will soar over the goal. Watching the radar to see when the goalie comes out is a great way to chip while the goalie is out and off guard.

Xbox 360
A chip shot- Hold LB and then press B with varying amount of pressure
A chip shot- Hold L1 and then press O with varying amount of pressure

Chip Shot Situations:
There are less opportunities to use a chip shot but they can be more 100% effective once mastered.
  • On a breakaway when the goalie rushes out as shown on the radar
  • After intercepting a pass to or from the goalie 
  • Driving toward the goal at a bad angle when the goalie takes a step to challenge you, chip to the far post
Power Shot Guide:
The power shot is just the normal shot without any special spin or curve. The power shot is just a fast driven shot on goal. The chart I posted earlier is good way to determine how much to fill the meter. I suggest not more than a little over half way full or else the ball will go flying past the goal. 

Xbox 360
A power shot- Press B with varying amount of pressure
A power shot- Press O with varying amount of pressure

Power Shot Situations:
The power shot is useful in many situations but a few I have found to work often.
  • After receiving the ball at the top of the box and turning (See finishing while covered) toward the goal, fire a power shot toward near post
  • Coming at the goal from an angle once entering the box from a top corner, fire a shot toward far post
  • Once free above the box, run (Do not sprint) toward a post and fire a shot in that same direction
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11, 3.3: Finishing From Corners

There are a couple of different kinds of players out there; some players like to pass the ball to the middle and take a shot from the top of the box. Some players like to run the ball down the wing and send in a cross for a header. Crossing is by far more effective in Fifa 11 than in previous games due to improved control over heading the ball. Finishing off of headers is quite simple once you get the hang of it, the key is luck and position.

To maximize the potential of a header involves being in a position to get the header. Once the ball has been crossed, immediately move the player  toward where the ball is coming from. Make sure that when the ball is in the air, you see where the player is and move himin front of the defender. Once in front of the defender just tap B toward one of the corners of the goal. All crosses are the same so this strategy will work whether the cross is coming from a corner or a man on the wing. The most important thing to remember is to move your player in front of the defender before the ball gets to him.

  • All crosses are the same: once you master the header it works in every situation
  • Move your player toward the ball before you can see him, and the make sure he is in front of the man he is covering
  • Once in front, tap B lightly and aim for a corner
  • Practice and you will be a header master
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11, 3.2: Finishing While Covered

Breakaways are great but they only happen a couple of times a game so learning how to score other ways is a necessity. Scoring while contested near and around the box is similar to scoring on a breakaway because I find the same kind of shots work for most situations.

To score while not on a breakaway try passing the ball to one of the strikers sitting at the top of the box from the wing. Upon receiving the ball, quickly turn toward  the inside or outside past the defender and then shoot a power shot toward the near post of the goal with the meter about one third. The quick turns are the most important part of that play because once you get space, you can have a small breakaway in which case all of the tips on scoring on breakaways comes into effect.

Finessing the ball to a corner is another way to score that is just as effective as the power shot once you get past the defender. I cannot emphasize the need for space enough; shooting randomly from the top of the box will get blocked 90% of the time. Passing to a striker with a defender on him and then quickly turning and sprinting toward the goal is the best way to score besides breakaways.

If I am getting completely dominated and cannot seem to get the ball to the top of the box, then I usually try to get a quick goal from long range. Swerving from side to side once entering the offensive third of the pitch is a great way to get room to shoot. Once there is room,  sprint toward the far post and power up a shot to about half way again while aiming in the same direction. With a great player like Rooney or Ronaldo, this can be a very effective way to score clutch goals. If scoring at the top of the box is not your thing, then my next section on scoring with headers will be...

  • Scoring while having defenders on you requires a pass to the middle at the top of the box and a quick turn to the goal
  • Once turned a powerful finesse or power shot toward the near post will go in with good players
  • GET SPACE from quick turns to the goal from a standstill at the top of the box
  • Once you have space, scoring goals becomes exponentially easier
  • Long shots can be made with space from swerving with a player and taking a half power shot from the center of the offensive third
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11, 3.1: Finishing on Breakaways

Once you have mastered the through balls, you need how to learn how to actually score. This is arguably one of the most difficult thing to learn. Personally I know multiple ways to score that work with just about every 5 star team and frequently with other teams. Here are several scenarios in which where to run and which buttons to press while shooting to get the maximum chance for a goal will be explained.

The first would be the common breakaway. In my mind there are two different kind of breakaways, ones from the side cutting in and ones sprinting dead center toward the goal. Each type requires a different kind of shot and movement. Cutting from the side toward the goal requires a finesse shot powered up about half way on the shot meter. So once on a breakaway from the wing, cut toward the goal and once you have reached the corner of the box, run aligned with the far post. As soon as the goalie starts to run, shoot with half power finesse aimed at the far post. With decent players on the 5 star teams, this will go in just about every time.

A breakaway from the center requires a bit more skill and practice. There are a couple of options. The first I find works the most but you can feel free to disagree. Once at the top of the box or just inside finesse toward one of the posts; usually shooting with whatever foot is his good one works the best. The second option is to use chip shot. Chipping is extremely difficult but can work very well when the goalie comes out. The final option that I find works well is to power shot toward a corner from the top of the box. I suggest aiming again to the far post for the best result.


  • From the wing, cut toward the goal and at the top corner of the box finesse for the far post with half power once you see the goalie running out
  • From the center, sprint toward the box and finesse on strong foot
  • From the center, chip ball with lots of power- DIFFICULT
  • From the center, power shot to top corner from the top of the box with half power

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Friday, January 14, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11, 2: Through Balls

Through Balls:
Through balls and making them effective is a skill that takes time and practice to master. However to save  some time, this is the way I do through balls to maximize my scoring opportunities.

First learn how to use the LB pass. When passing near defenders, use LB pass to send one guy on a run past the defender. This is effective against other people online because it draws them out and your computer will run past them for an easy through ball. Holding LB Y for a lobbed through ball is hardly blocked or intercepted. Of course when using a lobbed through ball, hold Y depending on how far the pass needs to go. Knowing how long to hold Y takes practice and luck. 

To score tons of goals against human and computer players, pass the ball up to one of the forwards. Then once the forward has a defender close to him, quickly pass the ball back while holding LB to send him on a run. Once the person you originally passed to gets the ball, immediately LB Y the ball back to him to get a nice breakaway. Once on the breakaway you can use tips on finishing.

  • Use a through ball only when the person you are passing to has his back to you and begins to sprint past the defender
  • The easiest way to get breakaways is to use LB pass back to send your guy on the run and then immediately hit LB Y to send a lobbed through ball
  • Hold Y for longer through balls depending where the person is in relation to the passer
  • Ground through balls are most effective when not using the LB pass and instead just hitting a runner normally
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How to get good at Fifa 11: Passing and Ball Movement

My first tips and tricks will be on Fifa 11 because I know there is a large amount of people who want to get better at Fifa. To start, the major differences between Fifa 10 and Fifa 11 is the increased control over passing and ball movement making moving the ball up and down the pitch more difficult for players. Some of the strategies I use are based in a couple of categories: Ball movement, through balls, defense, and finishing.

Ball movement:
There are many players out there who think that passing the ball all the way back to the goal keeper is a smart idea. My response is yeah passing the ball back and forth between defense men is a nice way to beat some of the opposing players but it really is a great way to make a mistake that leads to a goal.

My suggestion is simple; move the ball up the pitch  to give yourself more time to score. While having said that, spamming the pass button like in Fifa 10 does not work. Timing is key to being a good passer in Fifa 11. Users must hold the pass button longer if the player is off balance or is passing to a long distance target. Mastering the new passing system is essential to becoming a good Fifa player.

Pass up and down the pitch quickly with perfect passes to get some good practice before going online.Once you get passed the midfield line, take it a bit more slowly. Look for the easy passes that keeps moving the ball toward the goal. Look for the open man, if you cannot find one then pass it backwards. There will be one open right behind you. Once passed back, look for more options until you find an opening to run down the wing and send in a cross. Passing down the wing and then passing to a guy in the middle at the top of the box is an excellent way to then turn and shoot for an easy goal...


  • Do not pass back all the way to the goalie, move the ball up the field quickly
  • Look for the open man before your player gets the ball
  • Do not be afraid to pass back when there is NO ONE open
  • Hold A depending on how far away the recipient is and whether or not the player is balanced
  • Pass down the wing and then back to a guy at the top of the box
  • Upon receiving the ball at the top of the box, turn and shoot
  • Practice
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Stay tuned for more on Fifa and more on other games!

Superior Skills

I am starting this blog because I realize how frustrating it is to be beaten constantly at video games by online players. This will be all about tips and tricks to become a master at my favorite games from FIFA to Assassins Creed Brotherhood online. I have played all of these games myself and have gotten the hang of them so hopefully I will be able to help the readers do the same.