Friday, January 14, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11: Passing and Ball Movement

My first tips and tricks will be on Fifa 11 because I know there is a large amount of people who want to get better at Fifa. To start, the major differences between Fifa 10 and Fifa 11 is the increased control over passing and ball movement making moving the ball up and down the pitch more difficult for players. Some of the strategies I use are based in a couple of categories: Ball movement, through balls, defense, and finishing.

Ball movement:
There are many players out there who think that passing the ball all the way back to the goal keeper is a smart idea. My response is yeah passing the ball back and forth between defense men is a nice way to beat some of the opposing players but it really is a great way to make a mistake that leads to a goal.

My suggestion is simple; move the ball up the pitch  to give yourself more time to score. While having said that, spamming the pass button like in Fifa 10 does not work. Timing is key to being a good passer in Fifa 11. Users must hold the pass button longer if the player is off balance or is passing to a long distance target. Mastering the new passing system is essential to becoming a good Fifa player.

Pass up and down the pitch quickly with perfect passes to get some good practice before going online.Once you get passed the midfield line, take it a bit more slowly. Look for the easy passes that keeps moving the ball toward the goal. Look for the open man, if you cannot find one then pass it backwards. There will be one open right behind you. Once passed back, look for more options until you find an opening to run down the wing and send in a cross. Passing down the wing and then passing to a guy in the middle at the top of the box is an excellent way to then turn and shoot for an easy goal...


  • Do not pass back all the way to the goalie, move the ball up the field quickly
  • Look for the open man before your player gets the ball
  • Do not be afraid to pass back when there is NO ONE open
  • Hold A depending on how far away the recipient is and whether or not the player is balanced
  • Pass down the wing and then back to a guy at the top of the box
  • Upon receiving the ball at the top of the box, turn and shoot
  • Practice
For the second part on Fifa 11: Through balls click the link below

Stay tuned for more on Fifa and more on other games!

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