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Fifa 11 General Shooting Guide

New and old players have difficulty finishing and shooting in tough situations in all of the FIFA games. There are so many different kind of shots that it can be confusing to players how best to score. Hopefully this will help you get those last minute goals that win matches.

The days of being able to shoot with the same accuracy and power off balance and facing the wrong direction as straight forward shots are gone. FIFA 11 uses the players speed, rating, and shot-meter to determine where and how fast the shot will go. Sprinting and lateral movement will greatly decrease accuracy  and power. Moving your players more slowly and understanding the distance you are shooting from will help your scoring. Sprinting all the way down the field and then stopping the sprint until the ball is on your foot and then shooting is a great way to improve your chances of scoring. There are 3 basic shot approaches which I will outline and assess when best to use them.

Finesse Shot Guide:
The finesse shot is my favorite shot because it is more accurate than a normal shot which means its great for in close opportunities. In and just outside of the box are the best places to use a finesse shot once you get space. The finesse shot is taken from the side of the boot as opposed to a normal power shot that is taken from the laces. The shot allows the player to increase the placement, control, and accuracy of the shot with much less power and speed.

Xbox 360
A finesse shot- Hold RB and press B with varying amount of pressure
A finesse shot- Hold R1 and press O with varying amount of pressure

Finesse Shot Situations:
These I have found to be the most useful times to use a finesse shot to score. Using this shot in these situations  are almost instant goals 100% of the time.

  • When a high rated player is dribbling (Not Sprinting!) across the top center of the box or near the top of the box parallel to the goal line- turn slightly and shoot a finesse shot toward far post with half power
  • On a breakaway stop sprinting once nearing the top or just inside the box- finesse toward a corner as soon as the goalie starts his charge
  • Running at an angle toward the goal- finesse a shot toward the far post once the player has stopped sprinting and is just inside the box
Chip Shot Guide:
I find the chip shot to be the hardest shot to master especially after how easy it was back in FIFA 10. In FIFA 11, the chip shot is significantly more difficult but can be very effective on breakaways and situations when the goalie comes out. Instead of the ball flying straight toward the net, the ball jumps high in the air to go over the goalie into the goal. As with other shots, sprinting when attempting a chip makes scoring much more difficult so I suggest slowing down first. Once not sprinting, chip with no more than 3/4 power because otherwise it will soar over the goal. Watching the radar to see when the goalie comes out is a great way to chip while the goalie is out and off guard.

Xbox 360
A chip shot- Hold LB and then press B with varying amount of pressure
A chip shot- Hold L1 and then press O with varying amount of pressure

Chip Shot Situations:
There are less opportunities to use a chip shot but they can be more 100% effective once mastered.
  • On a breakaway when the goalie rushes out as shown on the radar
  • After intercepting a pass to or from the goalie 
  • Driving toward the goal at a bad angle when the goalie takes a step to challenge you, chip to the far post
Power Shot Guide:
The power shot is just the normal shot without any special spin or curve. The power shot is just a fast driven shot on goal. The chart I posted earlier is good way to determine how much to fill the meter. I suggest not more than a little over half way full or else the ball will go flying past the goal. 

Xbox 360
A power shot- Press B with varying amount of pressure
A power shot- Press O with varying amount of pressure

Power Shot Situations:
The power shot is useful in many situations but a few I have found to work often.
  • After receiving the ball at the top of the box and turning (See finishing while covered) toward the goal, fire a power shot toward near post
  • Coming at the goal from an angle once entering the box from a top corner, fire a shot toward far post
  • Once free above the box, run (Do not sprint) toward a post and fire a shot in that same direction
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!
For more advanced shooting tips, see my next post on long shots and accuracy:

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  1. hi! i cant score headers well.give me some tips pls.whn to press shoot button nd how much power is needed?should i use LT in the box?