Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to get good at Fifa 11, 3.1: Finishing on Breakaways

Once you have mastered the through balls, you need how to learn how to actually score. This is arguably one of the most difficult thing to learn. Personally I know multiple ways to score that work with just about every 5 star team and frequently with other teams. Here are several scenarios in which where to run and which buttons to press while shooting to get the maximum chance for a goal will be explained.

The first would be the common breakaway. In my mind there are two different kind of breakaways, ones from the side cutting in and ones sprinting dead center toward the goal. Each type requires a different kind of shot and movement. Cutting from the side toward the goal requires a finesse shot powered up about half way on the shot meter. So once on a breakaway from the wing, cut toward the goal and once you have reached the corner of the box, run aligned with the far post. As soon as the goalie starts to run, shoot with half power finesse aimed at the far post. With decent players on the 5 star teams, this will go in just about every time.

A breakaway from the center requires a bit more skill and practice. There are a couple of options. The first I find works the most but you can feel free to disagree. Once at the top of the box or just inside finesse toward one of the posts; usually shooting with whatever foot is his good one works the best. The second option is to use chip shot. Chipping is extremely difficult but can work very well when the goalie comes out. The final option that I find works well is to power shot toward a corner from the top of the box. I suggest aiming again to the far post for the best result.


  • From the wing, cut toward the goal and at the top corner of the box finesse for the far post with half power once you see the goalie running out
  • From the center, sprint toward the box and finesse on strong foot
  • From the center, chip ball with lots of power- DIFFICULT
  • From the center, power shot to top corner from the top of the box with half power

For the next part on finishing while covered click the link below

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