Friday, January 28, 2011

Fifa 11 Penalty Kick Guide

Penalty kicks are gifts that should be capitalized upon every time. In FIFA 11, penalty kicks have become significantly harder to score on. This will be a guide on how to score on penalty kicks every time. Keeping the ball on target and far enough from the goalie is more difficult than previous FIFA games and can cause massive amounts of frustration.

Penalties are all about ball placement and accuracy. The accuracy of your shot depends on how long the left analog stick is held while charging up the shot. To make sure my shot is always on target, I hold left stick toward one corner while I am charging up the shot. Once the shot has been charged up, I let go of the left stick and then right before he makes contact with the ball, I move the left stick again in the same direction as before and hold it. This works every time. Make sure you charge up the shot while in the green otherwise your player will likely trip on the shot.

Shot power:
The amount of power on the penalty kick depends on which type of shot is being used. For power shots I usually hold the shoot button down until the meter is 3/4 or more full. This is ESSENTIAL because the more the meter is filled, the farther away the shot will go from the goalie and the more it will head toward the corner. Using a Finesse shot takes less shot power because it is primarily focused on accuracy. Filling up the meter less than 1/2 way works well. Chip shots usually require just lightly tapping the shoot button.

There are three basic ways to taking a penalty kick: the power shot, finesse shot and chip shot.

Power shot- press B
Finesse shot- Hold RB and press B
Chip shot- Hold LB and press B

Following this guide to penalty kicks will guarantee successful penalty shots every time.If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!

For my guide to finishing click one of the links below:


  1. hi! i cant score headers well.give me some tips pls.whn to press shoot button nd how much power is needed?should i use LT in the box?

  2. You should read my section on headers first but if you are still having trouble here is some advice. First move your player in front of the defender, i.e closer to where the ball is coming from. This can be done more efficiently by holding down the LT button. Then I usually just power it up about half way and aim to a corner with the left stick. That should help.

  3. Also you should press the shoot button just before the ball reaches your player.

  4. i hv nvr been good at heading in fifa bt nw....well, its all too easy n fun!!scoring headers in abundance for the last couple of weeks! thanks a lot man!