Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fifa 11 Ultimate Team

Fifa Ultimate Team is a extremely popular and fun game mode in Fifa 11 and for the first time it is free to all Xbox live members. I will briefly explain how ultimate team works and some hints and tips I have to building that perfect team. 

Overview of Ultimate Team:
Fifa Ultimate team is a game mode in Fifa 11 where you can build your own squad using all the players that currently play professional football at some level in the game by purchasing them using coins won from winning four game tournaments on or off line. In addition to players, different stadiums, kits, managers, upgrades, and contract cards can all be bought using the in game currency that is as I said before, won through participation in tournaments. While it may sound simple enough, Ultimate Team is far more complicated than my brief outline but can be a blast once one gets the hang of it. The end goal is to, obviously, create the Ultimate Team with players like Rooney and Drogba all playing on one team, your team. 

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