Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fifa 11 Be A Pro Mode Guide

FIFA 11 Virtual Pro I really dont look like that FIFA 11 (PC)

Be a Pro Mode has been present in the last couple of FIFA games and plays just as big a part in FIFA 11 as before. You can use your pro in offline modes like Career Mode as well as in split screen play or non ranked matches online. In my opinion, the only way you can really enjoy your pro is by getting him good enough to make him an asset on a team instead of a liability. This will be a guide on how to get you pro good in the least amount of time possible.

How to Get the Setup:
Step one, pick a terrible team (I recommended N Power League 2) and edit its formation in the edit teams menu off of the My Fifa 11 tab. Change the formation so that everyone on the field is over the midfield line except two defenders who are as far out on the wings as possible. This screwed up formation will stick with the team when you play them in exhibition matches, opening up the entire pitch for your player. After the formation is set, go to edit players and create a goalie that is 1 in every attribute and the shortest and fattest you can make him. This will make the goalie no problem for your be a pro.

How to Get Accomplishments:
Reading the accomplishments are easy since they can be accessed through a variety of menus. While some of the accomplishments might seem difficult, there is one way I found to get many accomplishments very quickly. Play an exhibition match with your player on a five star team against that N Power League 2 team with the screwed up formation. Put your player in your desired position and let the accomplishments come. Shoot from inside and outside the box with finesse and chip shots to gain tons of accomplishments. Make sure the difficulty is set to World Class or else you will not be able to unlock some of the better rewards.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I will respond!

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